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My Argument for Legalization of Medical Cannabis

On August 12, 2016, the DEA settled a Rescheduling Petition I filed in 2009. DEA was forced to admit that Cannabis is not a “gateway drug”, doesn’t cause psychosis, doesn’t cause lung cancer and doesn’t make you stupid. More importantly, HHS and FDA told DEA they had to stop blocking research, and had to allow more people to grow Cannabis for research. Jeff Sessions ordered the head of DEA to block implementation of those policy changes, in violation of the law, so in May 2017 I filed a new Rescheduling Petition. In September, the head of DEA, Chuck Rosenberg resigned, stating he doesn’t trust this administration to follow the law. Neither do I!  After 6 months of delay, I sent a nasty letter to the new head of DEA and 2 months later he finally denied my Petition.  Now I’ve filed with the Court of Appeals in DC.  I am arguing that the DEA and Attorney General can not be trusted to obey the law and therefore Cannabis must be exempted from control under the CSA and turned over to the States to regulate Medical, Recreational, Religious and Industrial use of Cannabis. Here are my arguments.  The 3 judge Panel assigned to my case denied my motion for Writ of Mandamus.  2 were appointed by Bush and 1 by Trump (so not a surprise).  I filed a petition for Rehearing En Banc which would have put it in front of the entire panel of Judges in the DC Circuit Court of Appeals but tis was denied so now I have appealed to the Supreme Court.


rehearing en banc

Summary Judgement pdf

my response to DEAs response

DEAs response to me

Petition for Writ of Mandamus

Rescheduling Petition 5-22-17

DEA notice 11-22-17

DEA Petition Response

Petition for Review 2-12-18

Motion in Support 2-12-18