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What Is The Harmony Method And How Does It Help With PTSD?

Because PTSD does not respond well to any pharmaceutical treatments and because pharmaceuticals treatments may cause significant unwanted changes to brain structure and function, the Harmony Program focuses on restoring balance to the body’s own regulatory mechanisms in order to restore homeostasis to the dysfunctional neurobiological processes involved in the etiology of PTSD.  These techniques have been scientifically shown to decrease depression and anxiety, promote mood mood stabilization and help to decrease symptoms commonly associated with every symptom cluster of PTSD.

In my practice, these methods have proven far safer and more effective than any available pharmaceutical or pharmaceutical combination for treating PTSD.  Dysfunction of endocannabinoid signaling is involved in every symptom cluster of PTSD.  Restoring balance to endocannabinoid function has proven to be the most effective method of rapidly reducing suicidality in PTSD.

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